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Amazing World of Close Ups

This photo is amazing to me, but not from the technique or composition (though I like both and will talk about them later). I shot it in Costa Rica earlier this month. The spider is a banana spider (also called … Continue reading

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When Nature Photography Gets Wet

For a lot of the country, conditions are wet. Where I am in Southern California, it is wet, wet, wet. The rain is steady and nearly continuous. This is our rainy season, but this is far wetter than it normally … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Marsh

A guest blog by Jim Clark ( One of my favorite quotations comes from a dear friend and colleague of mine, nature photographer Karen Hollingsworth: "There is no place like springtime in the marsh. I like to just sit back … Continue reading

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Natural Browns

In much of the country now, nature is either brown or brown and white. This is a time of "rest" for many plants. The leaves are gone from deciduous trees, annuals are dead, perennials have stored new life in the … Continue reading

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The Truth About HDR!

I admit it. When I first saw HDR (high dynamic range) work, I was unimpressed. The interfaces were clunky and the results could be really odd. But George Lepp kept pushing me to try it and finally I did a … Continue reading

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Master Your Photo Challenges

I sometimes find that photographers get frustrated when they cannot master a new technique quickly. Does that happen to you? Do you want your photography to be better faster? I understand the dilemma. For many nature photographers, photographing is a … Continue reading

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