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Does Nature Photography Matter?

Recently, I took part in a survey of nature photographers that asked about how nature photography might or might not affect the public's feelings about nature and the environment. It was a very interesting academic survey and once they can … Continue reading

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Dr. Suess Plants

When my kids were growing up, we loved to read Dr. Suess books together. In fact, I still like a lot of Dr. Suess's books! The drawings and text are always inventive. Now if you just looked at the photo … Continue reading

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When The Light Isn’t Right

Sometimes you are out on a beautiful day, but the light is just not quite right for the scene. You could force it and come away with maybe an "okay" shot, but you won't get anything special. You may have … Continue reading

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Special Places for Photography

Yesterday I was up on Castro Ridge in the Santa Monica Mountains just to the west of Los Angeles. This is one of my favorite places near home. I can be there in less than an hour, and I have … Continue reading

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