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Black-and-White Close-Ups and Macro

Black-and-white has a long tradition with landscape photography, and I truly do love it there. Yet, my very first close-up photo of a syrphid fly on a daisy in my parents garden was black-and-white. I was a teenager and learning … Continue reading

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A Common Photographic Challenge

I think one of the most common photographic challenges all of us face is this -- we see subjects and the camera sees light. What happens is that we can see a detail in a huge range of light from … Continue reading

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And Now, For Something Completely Different

Okay, so I was a fan of Monty Python. They were a group of very funny guys. But this has nothing to do with either that group or being funny. It really is a completely different blog for me. I … Continue reading

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Watch the Details in Black-and-White

I love the new interest in black-and-white photography. It offers some great opportunities to go beyond the "common" color shot and create something striking and unique. It is funny to write that. It wasn't all that long ago that in … Continue reading

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