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Natural-looking nature photography and color

Velvia was an interesting film for nature photographers (okay, it is still around, but not used so much now). It greatly enhanced colors and contrast to create snappy, lively photos. With digital, a lot of nature photographers want to duplicate … Continue reading

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Focus Aid for Zoom Lenses

I don't know about you, but I have a heck of a time with telephoto zoom lenses in keeping the zoom and focus rings separate. No matter how hard I try, I always get caught up in the moment of … Continue reading

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Monitor Calibration

For some strange reason, a whole bunch of things related to monitor calibration have been top of mind: I had my second monitor lose its recognition by my computer so it started displaying strangely; I have had a bunch of students … Continue reading

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The Power of Less

A lot of photographers are afraid of shooting wide-open with their aperture, photographing with little to no depth of field. Yet, there can be great power in images using less depth of field, especially when doing close-ups of nature. I … Continue reading

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Beware the Photo Editing Mindset

A lot of photographers now talk about working on a photo in the computer as photo editing. Photo editing for photographers traditionally meant taking a group of images and selecting the good from the bad. Photo editing for the computer … Continue reading

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