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Spot Removal and More in Lightroom

I find there are three main problems in nature photography that the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom can help with: Dust spots (usually in the sky). Flare spots (I love to shoot backlight, so this is not unusual). Distractions (I … Continue reading

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Close-Ups and Autofocus

I love close-ups. They truly bring you into a different world that we normally don't see. And I am not talking about super close work, either. Any time we get in close to a natural subject, we are looking more … Continue reading

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Lightroom and Photo Organization

I am finding that the number one digital question I consistently get now is organizing photos in Lightroom. This is something I am finding a lot of people are struggling with. Folks download their photos through Lightroom, and they think … Continue reading

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How Two Photographers Found Their Focus

This is a guest post from Hugh Nourse, a photographer and friend from Georgia. I think it is very interesting how he and his wife found a home for their nature photography. Some thoughts on my focus in photography by Hugh … Continue reading

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LIFE Magazine – 75 Years – and Nature Photography

I just spent a bit of time looking at the new LIFE magazine 75th anniversary special publication. It is both inspirational and sad. I got it for my iPad, but it is also available in print. You would expect the … Continue reading

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Staying with the Subject

While there is an interesting natural history aspect to this photo -- the brown colors tell a story about the life of a crocodile on a mud bank along the Sarapiqui River in Costa Rica -- the light's not great. … Continue reading

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