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New Gear

Photography is part art, part science, part technology and part new gear! We love to learn about new equipment that will bring us wealth, fame, romance … okay, probably not, in spite of the ads. But at least we want … Continue reading

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The Nature of Communication

I don't usually do this, but this is something that I care deeply about, so I am going to comment a bit about the last post. I think my readers have great passion for nature and photography, like I do, … Continue reading

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Less is More, More or Less

A guest blog by David FitzSimmons I met Dave during an interview about close-up and macro photography and was immediately impressed with his work. He has a wonderful children's book of beautiful close up work called Curious Critters. You can … Continue reading

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Your Point of View

I have watched photographers come to a beautiful landscape in a national park and simply set up their camera and tripod in the most direct view of this landscape. Such common positioning of a camera is one reason why so much landscape photography … Continue reading

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Image Manipulation and Nature Photography

Photoshop has, at times, created problems for ethical photography. Now before I tell you what brought that to mind, I also have to say that many people do not understand how photography really works. They think the camera is a … Continue reading

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