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Really Shooting Black-and-White

Over about the last year, I have really enjoyed getting back into black-and-white photography. Ansel Adams was my hero as I "grew up" with photography, and at the time, black-and-white darkrooms were what any young photographer learned to master. What … Continue reading

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Simple Video Work

Shooting video with a DSLR can be a lot of fun. It truly can make aspects of nature come alive that simply can never be duplicated in a still photo. That said, I know a lot of photographers are interested … Continue reading

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Photography Beyond the Icons

A friend of mine and I are going to Death Valley later this month. I have been there once before, but I have not spent a lot of time there. We have been talking about what places we want to … Continue reading

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Some Lessons for Nature Media

I just watched a very impressive video that has little to do with nature photography, yet in another sense, has everything to do with it. The video, Kony 2012, has gotten a lot of attention in the media and across … Continue reading

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Lightroom 4 Commentary

Adobe just announced the availability of Lightroom 4. There are tons of blogs and other sorts of things on the web about this new version of Lightroom so I am not going to attempt to tell you everything that is … Continue reading

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