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Do you often shoot at f/22? Do you think this is the only way to ensure sharpness in a landscape or other scene? Do you think this shot from White Sands National Monument was taken at f/22? It wasn't. It … Continue reading

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A Buggy Post

I love photographing insects and other tiny critters. They are readily available, always challenging, and offer a fascinating variety of subject matter. They can offer a view to natural processes that will equal anything found anywhere in the world, and … Continue reading

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Four Steps to Better Composition

I've been thinking a lot about composition lately because I am working on a book about composition with Art Wolfe that is tentatively called The Art of Composition and because I am working on a video about landscape photography for Peachpit Press. I … Continue reading

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Adding a Selective Focus Effect

One of the great controls we have in photography is limiting sharpness to a specific part of the photo. This is often called selective focus because only part of the image is in focus, a part selected by you as … Continue reading

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