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Night Impressions

I did this photo for our Christmas card this year. It features our cockapoo, Grrby. What makes this interesting, besides it being fun, is how much digital has influenced what we can do today. Back in the 1980s, I worked … Continue reading

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Into the Desert

I like the desert because it is so different than most other ecosystems. Okay, rereading that, I realize that I like most ecosystems because they reflect the place they live. That is so very true in the desert, though it … Continue reading

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Visual Elements and Composition

I had a great question recently from a student in my Composition Bootcamp class at I thought the question and the ideas behind the answer would be good to repeat here. Question: I worked hard this week to use additional … Continue reading

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Photographic Cheating?

I recently had a student at ask some questions that really asked more than they seemed on the surface. They bring up some important ways of looking at photography and image processing today, so I decided to include them … Continue reading

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The Power of Play

Having worked as a professional photographer most of my life, I know how easy it is to get into a mode of get the shot done, do it professionally, and there is no time for messing around or playing. Yet, … Continue reading

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Update to OP Article on Photo E-Books

Earlier this year I did an article for Outdoor Photographer magazine on photo e-books. If you have not seen it, it is available on the Outdoor Photographer website here. As I mentioned in the article, e-books at this time are … Continue reading

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