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Photography is risky, if you are willing to push yourself to create original and unique work that is special to you. It means putting yourself out there, risking all sorts of comments, being vulnerable. Using a lens in a way … Continue reading

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Change and Story, Yours and Mine

“Change is the only constant in life.” From the ancient philosopher, Heraclitus (often attributed to Emerson). The two spring aspen photos here are from a day of fast change to the light due to stormy weather – a day of … Continue reading

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Winter [Photography] is Here

Growing up as a photographer in Minnesota meant dealing with winter. Actually, Minnesota has four seasons: pre-winter, winter, post-winter, and springsummerfall. No matter how you look at it, Minnesota has a long winter, and if you were going to be a … Continue reading

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Monopod for Close-Ups and Macro

Do you remember Hannibal from the campy TV show, The A-Team? He always used to say, "I love it when a plan comes together." I love it when some gear comes together to help me do something that I has … Continue reading

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Fresh Looks for Your Photos and Subjects

This past week week I found some little green sweat bees working the flowers of a newer plant in my garden. They were on the yellow flowers of a perennial bush marigold. I love these little bees so I had … Continue reading

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Visual Exercise Is Good For You!

One of the keys to always improving as a photographer is very simply …  to shoot! I don’t think this is something just for the beginning photographer, either. I consider  photographing that goes beyond simply getting a great shot is … Continue reading

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