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Hunting for Photos

Over the years, I have often gotten questions or comments about finding photos. Sometimes it can be challenging to find photos in environments that don't seem, at first, to offer much such as in the following shot. Last week, I … Continue reading

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Something We Don’t Like To Talk About

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 10% of U.S. adults suffer from depression at some level. Yet, how often do you hear about this? We will readily discuss all sorts of health issues from cancer … Continue reading

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Welcome to My World

I have been thinking a bit about why we photograph. I think a little self-awareness here can help one find better and more soul-satisfying photography. A lot of photography is chasing, and I am tired of that, both from my … Continue reading

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New Books

It is fun to see some cool new books coming out from photographer friends. These are self-published which is an increasingly important way for photographers to share their work and ideas. Bill Campbell has completed a terrific guidebook to a … Continue reading

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It is interesting to think about how much judgment plays a part in our world, in our lives, yet how much of a problem it can be. We do need judgment and discernment at times. That helps us figure things … Continue reading

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