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Creatures of the Night

You saw a few bats last post. I am quite serious about learning more about bats so I can photograph them. These are fascinating little animals that deserve our attention but are difficult to photograph because they are indeed creatures … Continue reading

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Night Nature Photography

A lot of nature photographers never have much need to use flash. If you don't need it, why bother?! But when you need to photograph at night, as I did during my bat class recently, flash can become a necessity. … Continue reading

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Midday Landscape Photography

While heading up to my bat ecology class (more on that later) in the Sierra Nevada Mountains north of Truckee, California, I came across some landscapes that were very attractive, but I wasn't convinced they would look that great as photos because … Continue reading

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Infrared Revisited

A few years ago, infrared was all the rage. I had experimented with it a bit, and there is no question it is dramatic and bold. I went away from it for two reasons: 1) the camera did not have … Continue reading

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Authentic Images IV – Being Present

It has been fun to do this series on authentic images and see the responses I am getting from all of you, both as comments and as e-mails. I think this has an impact on a lot of us who … Continue reading

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Authentic Images III – Lightroom

I sometimes hear the idea that authentic images only come from the camera, and if you process an image, you are not being true to the subject. That would be true only if the camera captured the world the way … Continue reading

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