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My Photographic Story (so far): Finding My Voice

Out of college, I worked as a naturalist and began selling some of my nature photography. But it was difficult to make enough money. So I went to work for the Minnesota DOT as an information officer/photojournalist. My photography became … Continue reading

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The Photographic Voice

Voice has become so important to me because for a long time, I was not able to use my voice as a photographer (more about that in the next post). Voice is what comes from the heart. It is about … Continue reading

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Photographic Style

A lot of what you see in photo books and magazines is more about style than anything else. You are seeing how good photographers make unique choices in order to create interesting and even impactful images. Style is always about … Continue reading

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Style, Voice and Craft in Photography – An Introduction

I have been doing a lot of thinking about these things lately because they deeply affect me. I also think they are very important for anyone who wants to take their photography to a new level. They will take anyone … Continue reading

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Joy in Photography

Photography is fun, right? Then why do so many photographers take it sooooo seriously? I know this happens. They start worrying if they have the "right" camera, the "right" lens, the "right" gear, the "right" subject, the "right" technique. And … Continue reading

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Storytelling Photography II: The Old Slideshow Renewed

Slideshows used to be an important part of a photographer's world. If you are old enough to remember the Kodak Carousel projector, you will remember sitting through slide shows, good and bad, long and short (and of course, deadly long!). … Continue reading

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