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Emphasis and Composition

Discussion about composition goes into all sorts of things, from the "rule" of thirds to watching out for distractions to leading lines and so forth. All good. Anything that helps you see the scene better photographically will make you create … Continue reading

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My Macro Addiction from Teen to Today

At the recent Great Smoky Mountain Photography Summit in Tennessee (first annual), I gave a talk about my "addiction" to close-up and macro photography. It is true that this part of photography has been with me for a very long … Continue reading

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A Macro a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Doing regular photography is a good exercise to keep your photography "muscle" and brain in shape. I know, the world happens and good intentions often are waylaid. Even though "regular photography" doesn't have to mean any special trips or lengthy … Continue reading

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Moment Macro Lens for Smartphones

Just before my trip across California from east to west (last post), I bought a Moment Macro lens for my iPhone. I have used my iPhone irregularly for photography. When I bought a Moment Wide-Angle lens early this year, I did … Continue reading

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