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Something You Might Not Have Heard of Regarding Size

You know the old cliches about size and does it matter. Sizes of sensors are rapidly mattering less and less as differences among them shrink. But this is another matter I have found that a lot of photographers don't know … Continue reading

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Someday Isle

The motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, used to talk about Someday Isle, that place that people said they would be. "Someday, I'll ..." The problem with Someday Isle is that it doesn't exist. It is not real because nothing real has … Continue reading

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The Parallel Tip for Better Close-Up Photos

One of the challenges of close-up and macro photography is that depth of field is so shallow. There is nothing we can do to change the physics of how optics work – the closer you are to a subject, the … Continue reading

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Nature Night Life

This post is a little different than most because I have no photos of the actual subject. The nature photos you see here are of the locations. And you will see these strange screen shots. I was just in Florida for … Continue reading

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I spent a long time working on this project, Nature’s Jobs, my photo nature book for kids. I put together Nature's Jobs to work to connect young readers to nature by linking the idea of jobs that we humans do with … Continue reading

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