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Bones of the Earth

I never wondered what the ground around me looked like growing up in Minnesota. The landscape did not encourage it. First, nearly all soil is covered by some sort of vegetation, forests and prairies or wetlands in natural areas, farmland … Continue reading

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Being Open to Nature Everywhere

I love national parks, wildlife refuges and other big areas of wild nature. Those places are dramatic and grab your attention. But for me, nature is much more than that. It has to be because I have to have my … Continue reading

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Authentic Photography

There is a lot of talk these days about authenticity, about being authentic. That includes criticism of people who seem to be "phony" or superficial rather than being authentic. This has made me think about what authentic photography might be. Just … Continue reading

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Missing the Photographer

Talking about photos is easy. I have talked about photographs for a long time. I have critiqued many thousands of photos of mine and of my students. I have discussed photos in over 40 books of photography and during my … Continue reading

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