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The World of Animal Life

One of my favorite nature authors is Simon Barnes, a British nature writer. I am just reading one of his latest books, Ten Million Aliens. If you love learning about the whole range of possibilities of life in nature, this … Continue reading

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Experience, Selfies and Nature

In March of this year, a man visited a museum in Milan, Italy, and broke a 19th century statue. He essentially amputated the statue's leg. Now this would be something most people would consider pretty bad. Museums are special places. … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Boring

Recently, I was listening to a podcast of the interview show On Point with Tom Ashbrook. He had designer Itzhak Mizrahi on because Mizrahi had a new retrospective exhibition of his work. It was an interesting show with lots of ideas … Continue reading

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The Magic of Extension Tubes

When I got serious about photography in college, I wanted to do better close-up work, something beyond the cheap close-up lenses or filters that attached to the front of a lens. But I could not afford a macro lens at the time, … Continue reading

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My Experience with Mirrorless Cameras

I would never go back to a mirrored camera unless there were some feature that one had that truly allowed me to do something I could not do right now. I love my gear and I am very happy not … Continue reading

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