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JPEG Revisited

Quick, which one of these two butterfly photos is JPEG and which is RAW? Like most of you, I have been working with RAW files for quite a while. I really started using them all the time when Lightroom came … Continue reading

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Oh, Just Call It an Environmental Shot

If you are out with a group of photographers, small or large, photographing wildlife and experiencing the wild animals in their home, sooner or later, you will likely hear someone say something like, "Oh, just call it an environmental shot." … Continue reading

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Live View

Most cameras now have Live View, meaning you can see exactly what the lens sees in real time. Even though many, many photographers have cameras with Live View, I am finding that many are not taking advantage of this technology. I think every … Continue reading

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Validation in Photography

Validation is one of those things that we all seem to crave as humans, yet it often causes us problems. This is especially true for photography and other arts because there is no easy way to evaluate how "good" it … Continue reading

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Stretching Focus on Close-Ups

One of the challenges of close-up and macro work is that depth of field is very shallow. That can be good for backgrounds, but bad for the subject. But if you stop the lens down, the background can start to … Continue reading

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Experience and Photography – What You Experience as You Photograph

I have been thinking a bit lately about how important experience is for me in how I photograph. I'm not talking about one's experience as a photographer. I'm talking about what one experiences as you photograph. I recently rediscovered my … Continue reading

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