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Knowing Your Camera

The Death Valley photos here are part of this story, but I have to tell you a an early story first. Many years ago, back in Minnesota, I was working for a publishing company and had an assignment to do … Continue reading

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High Contrast Light and the Redwoods

Last week, I was up in the redwoods in Northern California with my friend, Chuck Summers. We had hoped to get some of the famous fog and clouds the area is known for, but we had none until the day … Continue reading

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The Snow Season

It is definitely winter here! If anyone is thinking of going to "sunny Southern California" this January, better bring warm clothes and rain gear at the minimum. It has been raining a lot and temperatures even by the coast have … Continue reading

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A Simplified Look at Histograms

Histograms are a valuable tool for digital photographers, yet they can seem a bit intimidating. There is all sorts of information about this or that regarding histograms that you must do or understand. While all of that might be correct, … Continue reading

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