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I am proud of the work I have done as a photographer, author, naturalist and nature photographer, editor and videographer. I love the natural world, and that can be a native bee in my native plants garden as much as a visit to a national park. I am a husband of a beautiful and smart wife, a father to my outstanding son and daughter, and one who lived in Minnesota most of my life, but now loves the variety and very long growing season of Southern California. I have written and photographed a lot of books and magazine articles but what is most important to me about them is knowing that I have helped people become better photographers and gain a better connection to nature. I work to help people connect with photography and nature through speaking and as a workshop leader, too. All of this has gained me a Fellow award with the North American Nature Photography Association. Many people knew me as the long-time editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine and I am still connected with them as a contributing editor. A short list of some of the books I have done: Landscape Photography: From Snapshot to Great Shot, Magic of Digital Landscape Photography, The Magic of Digital Nature Photography, National Geographic Field Guide to Digital Photography, The Power of Black-and-White in Nature Photography and Reports from the Field (an iBook). My website is at; my blogs are at and

What We See vs. What the Camera Sees

The image from the camera is often different than the scene we see. This is because  we have a different "sensor" than the camera does. Knowing this, how do we do our best to represent nature fairly and directly? This really … Continue reading

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Labels and Photography, Labels and Nature

The old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is largely not true. Education researchers have found that how a child is “labeled” has a big influence on how he or she is … Continue reading

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I need to take a brief break in my Nature and Photography posts. I am working on some ideas for it as well as some other projects that are taking a lot of time. I will be back sometime in … Continue reading

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Showing Nature Throughout the Day

I have long thought about how we as nature photographers show nature. How we do this is important because we all become the "eyes" of the public, no matter where our photos are used, displayed or shown. A challenge, though, … Continue reading

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Night and Nature Photography

Night and low light photography has gotten easier and easier. With film, this type of photography was a challenge. Everything from color to color balance to "noise" (grain) to exposure problems due to reciprocity failure made night photography often unpredictable. … Continue reading

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The World of Animal Life

One of my favorite nature authors is Simon Barnes, a British nature writer. I am just reading one of his latest books, Ten Million Aliens. If you love learning about the whole range of possibilities of life in nature, this … Continue reading

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